West Hartford

Picture a quaint city steeped in history less than two hours away from the heart of New York. You're thinking of West Hartford, Connecticut. It's hard to believe this beautiful town has existed for centuries, seeing as New Yorkers fleeing the bustle of the city are only just beginning to discover it.

With a population of 62,939 as of the 2018 census, this idyllic town is a favorite with young couples and seniors alike, not least because of its incredibly affordable property prices compared to the usually astronomical prices and taxes of the immediate vicinity. It's also within range of the lovely Farmington Valley, which is famous for its farmlands, meadows, and lakes.

Single-Family Residences in West Hartford

Single-family residences are West Hartford's most common type of listing. The real estate market offers young families the best value of all other areas in the NYC vicinity. With a median house price of about $329,000, the area is affordable when compared to NYC or Boston yet is within 1.5 hours of both cities.

West Hartford has been a great place for families to put down roots since the late 1600s. The first homesteader in the town was Stephen Hosmer, who set up a house and sawmill on his father's 300-acre property. You can still find the pond and dam used in his mill on North Main Street.

Today, much of the history still lives on in the town and surrounding areas. The Noah Webster House still stands at 227 S Main Street. Mr. Webster was a revolutionary who helped found Amherst College and put together Webster's lexicon of over 37,000 words in 1806, among other achievements.

If you're planning on downsizing, West Hartford is a great place to do it. Many retirees or families whose adult children have left home choose to sell their larger houses and spend their golden years somewhere simpler. Affordable housing, cheap living costs, and a laid-back community-what more could you want? Well, believe it or not, there are even more reasons to look for a single-family residence or downsize in West Hartford.

Quality of Life in West Hartford

According to Niche, a highly reputable ranking and reviewing service, West Hartford is the #1 place to live in Connecticut out of 253 communities. It was also ranked as the best suburb and the best location for young professionals.

In addition, West Hartford has impressive ratings for diversity, safety, education, job availability, business, and many other metrics. It is one of the very few places that tick all the boxes, no question about it.

Despite West Hartford's history, the city boasts plenty of modern attractions. In the '80s, the sprawling Westfarms Mall was built, housing businesses such as Macy's, Nordstrom, JCPenney, an Apple Store, and more than 150 others.

More recently, Blue Back Square was built as an upscale shopping, living, dining, and entertainment center. It hosts some of the best bars and restaurants in the community, including Cook, The Bear, Fleming's, and Vinted Wine Bar and Kitchen.

Quality of Life in West Hartford

Business in West Hartford is booming. It is one of those towns that has everything. The daily newspaper, the Hartford Courant, is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the U.S. The town's storefronts carry a timeless saloon-style look mixed with modern boutiques and cafes.

In addition to business, what makes the town so popular and interesting is the range of leisure activities available. As condo specialists of West Hartford for many years now, we know that this is the area to invest or live in right now.