Blue Back Square

Blue Back Square in West Hartford, CT

Blue Back Square in West Hartford

Blue Back Square has become a destination.  When the project was introduced in the mid-2000’s it was very unclear it would be successful or popular.  There were town referendums, mild protests in favor of and against the project, millions of dollars spent studying the proposal but eventually it was funded and built.  The history of how it came to be built and who funded the different sides of the battle was very interesting at the time.  In the end, it is a great addition to West Hartford and has proved popular with the residents and as a tourist draw.  Blue Back Square is located between West Hartford Center and the Kingswood-Oxford Prep School property.  There are national chain stores, local boutiques, high-end condominiums, a food market, a medical facility, gym, popular restaurants, a mainstream movie theater (which was suppose to show classical and foreign movies I thought) and a popular square for social events and small outdoor concerts.  Basically, the residents of the condos in Blue Back Square don’t have to travel more than 200 yards for most of their needs.

The “Walkscore” for the Blue Back Square area indicates it is a “walker’s paradise” and this is in line with the developers vision. It is truly a place you can simply live and enjoy!

Condominiums located in Blue Back Square in West Hartford are very popular and typically sell quickly.