Bishop’s Corner

Bishop’s Corner is one of the main shopping “areas” in West Hartford.  It is down the road from the Center on your way to Bloomfield.  Bishops Corner has undergone a major renovation over the last couple of years and offers a great variety of options.  There is a Big Y, a Walmart grocery store, Bertucci’s, Whole Foods Market, a variety of pharmacies and a number of other local and chain stores.  Taking a descriptive photo or series of photos of the area is difficult because it is mainly a very functional, practical consortium of stores and businesses – and a pleasant place to spend some time , energy and money.  A year ago someone reviewed Bishop’s Corner as “a dieing (sic) plaza full of empty stores.”  This may have been true a few years ago but no longer!

Bishop’s Corner has one of the three main libraries in West Hartford which includes a vibrant senior center. Local residents have just about anything they need within walking distance of each other in the Corner.