Mortgage Brokers Recommended

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 How much can I afford, what  will my monthly mortgage payment be? Do I have enough money for closing costs? What is my credit score?


Get the answers to all the important financial questions before you start.


Interest rates imageBelow are the names of three mortgage brokers I recommend. Give them a call. They will pre-qualify/pre-approve you, let you know what programs best suit you, provide you with estimated interest rates, estimated closing costs, etc. There is no obligation and no cost to become pre-qualified/pre-approved. You want to make sure you choose a trusted professional that will steer you in the right direction.



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Marc Nathan, Fairway Independent Mortgage  – 860-232-7700 Ext. 101
Paula Mercier, Welcome Home Mortgage – 860-761-1131 Ext. 102
Natale Terranova, Residential Mortgage Services – 860-803-0810



This should always be your first step before you start your home search to set you on the right path to home ownership!