Market Stats

In real estate, there is no shortage of statistics, trends, analysis and numbers.  In the end however, real estate is hyperlocal even down to the street and the individual property.  My advice is to look at stats but don’t get infatuated and obsessed with them.  What is true nationally,  Connecticut, in your local town or even in your zipcode, is not necessarily what your experience will be. That said, I look at statistics for West Hartford and other local towns all the time and am happy to share my professional data with my clients.  Since I am not a statistician nor do I have the time to obsessively update spreadsheets and extrapolate data from sources I can point you to some good places to find the data.  On this website I’ll share some basic info however I urge you to do your research but try not to go down a rabbit hole and get lost too lost in the numbers – but be informed.

West Hartford CT Real Estate Trends and Analysis

Avon CT Real Estate Trends and Analysis