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Become an eXp Mentor

How to Apply to become a Certified Mentor

The Certified Mentor Application Process for Agents

1. Click on the link here: to apply to become a Certified Mentor!

The link will take you to the Mentor Program App, which you can log into via your eXp Passport credentials.

Select the Mentor Application to access, complete, and submit the form to become a Certified Mentor.

The link to the application is available to any Agent with active Passport credentials.

Select "I want to be a Mentor" to continue.

NOTE: If you already have a Mentor Application on file, you will receive a notification indicating such.

2. Complete the application in full.

The Mentor Application is divided into two sections, 1) your Information and 2) the Mentor Application Details.

Review the "Your Information" section to confirm all information is accurate. The All Licenses and Active Markets tables may be updated.

Note: Updates made to All Licenses and Active Markets will only update the Mentor Application.

This information is not distributed to any other service, such as Enterprise.

Complete all questions in the Mentor Application Details section. Pay special attention to mark if you would only like to mentor agents on your team or in your downline.

3. Select "submit" to send the completed application directly to your state broker team.

When the application has been submitted, a video will appear thanking you for applying and sharing expectations for your journey to become a Certified Mentor.

In addition, an email notification is sent to your Designated Managing Broker (DMB) to review the application. The DMB will review the application and either select the "Broker Approve" or "Broker Decline" button.

4. What's next?

Approved Agents will receive an email with the confirmation that they have been approved by their broker.

Also included in the email will be the date, time, and location of the next Mentor

Certification Course. You must attend the certification course to become certified.

What if I can't make it on the date/time on the invitation?

  • Please send an email to and we will let you know the date of the next class.

  • Please note that the classes are always held at the same time of day in the same eXp World location.

  • You can also attend class via eXp Mobile if you are available but will be away from your desktop or laptop computer.

Declined Agents will receive an email that indicates that they have been declined and instructions to follow up with their broker.